What are the minimum rates for union performers?

Minimum rates for audiobook projects are as follows, as of June 2021: SAG-AFTRA – Standard: 260USD per finished hour (pfh) SAG-AFTRA – ACX US: 250USD pfh* SAG-AFTRA – ACX US – Royalty Plus stipend: 100USD pfh* ACTRA: 266CAD pfh Some union agreements vary on minimums. Payers will be able to clarify the matter for payees […]

How does Eljin use the information in profiles?

Profile information is used solely to (a) facilitate payments and union contributions and (b) comply with banking and tax requirements. See also, “Why are SSNs (US) or SINs (Canada) necessary?”

Who can join?

Eljin welcomes union talent, their representatives, and anyone who wants to pay union audiobook talent. The only requirements are that users must:

Why do I need a union paymaster?

The terms of union agreements are complicated. To pay union members, special calculations are required to make transactions accurately and report them properly. Eljin’s business logic compiles and processes user data to meet requirements for all stakeholders–payers, payees, and agents. See Eljin’s terms of service and privacy policy for more details.

What is Eljin Inc?

Eljin is a payment platform for publishers, producers, copyright holders, union audiobook performers and their representatives. It’s our mission to make payment to union audiobook narrators simple, fast, secure, and compliant.

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