ACH Registration

1. Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments are deposited directly into your bank account electronically. To enroll in the ACH program, you must complete the profile steps in’s sign-up. This will constitute ACH Registration. Upon enrollment, you should begin receiving ACH payments; however, depending on when your enrollment form is processed it may take a number of weeks for you to begin receiving ACH payments.

2. By completing the profile steps in sign-up, I hereby voluntarily authorize Eljin to direct deposit any payment into the financial institution listed in my completed profile (including any Agent authorized to receive payment on my behalf). I also authorize Eljin and the financial institution listed in my completed profile to make withdrawals from this account, as necessary, in Eljin’s sole discretion, to reconcile any discrepancies that may occur with respect to payment for services (e.g., overpayment of fee).[1] I understand that such adjustment will be made consistent with applicable fee laws. This authority will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing.

3. I confirm that this authorization is not a guarantee of work or payment from Eljin, and that the authorization is subject to the terms herein, and governed by my Artist Independent Contract Agreement with Eljin and any contracts with other firms or individuals, as well as the Terms of Service, which are incorporated by this reference.

4. My authorization will remain in effect until Eljin has received written notification from me of its termination in such time and manner as to allow Eljin a reasonable opportunity to act on it. Upon cancellation, I acknowledge that I should also notify the receiving financial institution. If I receive notice of cancellation of this authorization from my financial institution, I will immediately advise Eljin and provide the cancellation date.

5. I will notify Eljin if I wish to change the financial institution receiving payment. It is recommended that you maintain accounts at both financial institutions until the transition is complete, i.e., after the new financial institution receives the payment.

6. I understand that clicking to accept this ACH Registration constitutes my electronic signature. I agree that my electronic consent has the same legal effect as a manually executed physical signature. I consent to the electronic provision of all disclosures and notices from Eljin, including those required by law or regulation. I understand that I need a computer or mobile device, Internet connectivity, and an updated browser to access the Eljin website and any notices provided to me electronically through my account on the website. If I have problems viewing or accessing any notices, I will contact Eljin to find another means of delivery. I understand that I may withdraw from receiving electronic notices by terminating my Eljin account.

[1] Preauthorized ACH transfers from consumer accounts are governed by Regulation E of the Federal Reserve Board. 12 C.F.R. 205. Under Regulation E, written notice of a preauthorized ACH debit to the consumer’s account must be given at least ten (10) days in advance of the debit, except in certain circumstances.

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