What if I enter an order in error?

If you would like to cancel an order, simply navigate to the payments page and click on the order in question. Click ‘void’ in the top right corner to cancel the order. Alternatively, you can contact us at support@eljininc.com. We’ll void the transaction. No problem.

What is the Cast Collaboration Rate checkbox?

In SAG-AFTRA programs with more than one narrator, some payers agree to a $100 fee to compensate the payees for extra time spent in coordinating their performances. It is not a requirement for creating a payment.

My agent receives my payments. Why do I need to enter my personal banking information?

Agency clients aren’t required to complete a personal profile if they don’t wish to have their own Eljin accounts. But to track your payments and keep abreast of business matters, user profiles (including banking information) must be completed. If you’d like, preferences can be set to ‘Display agents only,’ which will disable direct payments. (See […]