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How do I make a payment to a performer who is a minor (a Coogan payment)?

Coogan payments to performers who are minors are possible on Eljin, though they can’t be achieved in a single transaction. 

Here’s the process:

  • The performer or the performer’s guardian will need to set up two Eljin accounts, each with its own unique email address:
    • One linked to a personal bank account and
    • Another linked to a blocked account. 
  • For the second Eljin account (b.), use the last name field on the Edit account page to enter the last name and the label – COOGAN. For example, if the performer’s last name is Smith, enter Smith – COOGAN.
  • The payer will locate the two activated accounts in the Select Performer dropdown.
  • The payer will now generate two, separate payments:
    • First, select the performer personal account and enter an amount equal to 85% of the total owed.
    • Second, select the performer’s – COOGAN account and enter the remaining 15% of the total amount owed.

For more on Coogan payments, there’s an excellent resource here.

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