Can I edit my profile?

Yes. You can change any field whenever you’d like. The only exception: The account email is not editable. You can, however, add additional email addresses on the Edit account page.

What is a penny test?

A best practice in which one cent is automatically deposited into the bank account you’ve entered into the profile. This ensures that the information on hand is accurate and that transactions can be made successfully. When you receive the penny deposit, please confirm receipt in the Settings II (Financial) page of your profile.

Why do I need to select a payment type (Standard Eljin or ACX US) in Financial Settings?

This selection associates your payments with a “signatory,” a party signed to a union agreement. Different agreements stipulate specific rates for union Health & Retirement contributions. They also invoke different templates for calculating earnings and fees. Most users will want to select Standard Eljin from the dropdown. But if you’re paying narrators you’ve engaged through ACX, choose ACX […]

Why do I need to enter my banking information?

Eljin exists to make electronic payments between parties. Individual payers and all payees must supply banking information to enable Eljin to route payments. All payments and collections conform to the standards and specifications of the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and the Canadian Payment Association (CPA).

What information will I need to sign up?

All payers and payees must create user profiles. In addition, agents must add client information cards, as needed. Information required for each user or client may include: