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What is the difference between a performance name, a legal name, and a pseudonym?

Here are the ways Eljin distinguishes between these terms.

  • Performance name – The professional name by which you’re known to the public, your union, and your representative(s). This is the official alias you use when you’re working. This should be the name you use to set up your Eljin profile. 
  • Legal name – The name associated with your Social Security number and tax filings. When you or your agent uploads official documentation to your profile, your legal name should appear on the completed forms. Eljin verifies this information and maintains it for reporting. 
  • Pseudonym – A false name used to protect your identity. Many performers use them when working in particular genres or series and retain that pseudonym even when dealing with clients. You can use pseudonyms on Eljin once you have a primary account. Once you’ve created the primary account, use a separate email address to create a new account for your pseudonym, using the name of your pseudonymous entity. Complete the profile normally, uploading official documentation showing your legal name, address, and taxpayer identification numbers. Payers will now be able to select your pseudonym and pay you for your work. Important: For security purposes, notify Eljin at that you’re creating this account. Use subject: Pseudonym. 

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