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I’m concerned about entering my client’s email address. What does Eljin do with that information and why is it necessary to provide it?

Eljin respects the relationship between you and your client as contractual and private. Still, we need to assure that the platform performs properly, securely, and compliantly, and this requires that every user have a unique email address.

  • Properly. Unique email addresses are necessary to routing transactions correctly.
  • Securely. Unique email addresses allow Eljin to control access to the platform and to protect the private data of its users and their clients.
  • Compliantly. Unique email addresses allow Eljin to notify performers about commercial connections made on the platform. This grants them the ability to to give legal consent to those connections or to opt-out. (Eljin also views these notifications as a security feature. See the discussion of “spoofing” below.)

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