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I’m an enterprise customer, and I’d like to use Eljin’s import feature to make one transaction that pays a range of performers. How do I get started?

Eljin makes it possible for enterprise customers to upload a single CSV worksheet to generate up to 150 orders at a time. Once you’ve logged in, start by clicking Payments > Upload Payment CSV in the left menu. Then find the “download this template” link in the blue callout box. Once you’re able to work with the formatted spreadsheet, just follow the guidelines below to complete it.

But first, here’s a quick overview of the process. There are three steps:

  1. Upload CSV – Once you’ve competed the CSV, you can upload it to the Upload Payment CSV page, by selecting the file or dragging it into the page. Processing begins immediately.
  2. Validate CSV – Wait until the loading bar shows that validation is complete. Validated orders display with a green check in the right column. Unvalidated orders display with a red exclamation point. To validate an unvalidated order, you can edit orders by double-clicking anywhere on the order, making necessary changes, and saving those changes. If you cannot validate the order, click the x at right to remove the order from the list. Once all orders show green checks, click Next. (You can always click Back to edit, then re-upload form.)
  3. Complete Order – The application does a final round of housekeeping, tallying up the number of payments created and their total value. If those totals look correct, just click Complete. Emails (with invoices and receipts) will be sent to all the necessary parties. You’ll be able to review your orders in the payment history.

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