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The narrator I want to pay appears more than once in the dropdown. How do I select the correct talent profile?

You can send payments directly to talent or through their agents, if they’ve been engaged. In the performer dropdown list, the information in parenthesis specifies the recipient as

  • an individual talent (“Direct pay – [union]”) or
  • an agency client (“[agency] – [union]”).

For example: Select Mary Welch (Direct pay – SAG-AFTRA), if you want to pay Mary directly. Or select Mary Welch (Artemis Fleet Talent – SAG-AFTRA), if you made the booking through Mary’s agent, Artemis Fleet Talent. You can confirm whether you’ve made the right selection by clicking or hovering over the information “i” next to Select Performer. That tooltip will display the partial address and masked email(s) of the performer or agent to whom the payment will be sent. You can also verify the payee address in the payment preview before submitting the form.

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