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What are global email preferences? How do I change them for my agency?

Eljin sends email notifications when payments are generated and paid. Global email preferences enable agencies to choose who receives these. 

The Owner of the agency account can choose global email preferences for the agency. From the menu, select Preferences. There are two checkboxes here:

  • Send order-related email notifications to all clients – [Default: unchecked.] If checked, transaction emails will always be sent to clients as well as the team member who added the client. 
  • Send order-related email notifications to the agency owner – [Default: checked] If checked, the Owner of the account will receive all emails regarding the agency’s clients.

Two important reminders:

  • If both checkboxes are unchecked, emails will be sent only to the team member who added the client. Neither the client nor the Owner will receive an email.

Both settings can be overwritten on the Clients page for individual clients. See the next FAQ.

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