A client no longer works with my agency. What should I do?

On the clients page, navigate to the client’s card and click ‘Deactivate’ in the top right. The client record will become inactive and sort to the bottom of the client list. All past transactions associated with that client will still be viewable on the Payments page.  You can re-activate the client by following the same procedure.

How do I set email preferences for individual clients?

To override global email settings and customize them for individual clients, go to the client’s card in your client list and click preferences. Click the toggle to override global preferences. Now select or de-select one or both of the checkboxes as necessary.

What are global email preferences? How do I change them for my agency?

Eljin sends email notifications when payments are generated and paid. Global email preferences enable agencies to choose who receives these.  The Owner of the agency account can choose global email preferences for the agency. From the menu, select Preferences. There are two checkboxes here: Two important reminders: Both settings can be overwritten on the Clients page for […]

How do I edit client information?

On the Clients page, find the performer’s name, either by scrolling or using the search bar. Click on the clients card. Make the changes you’d like, and click Submit. The values in the email, country, and union fields are not editable.

How do I add clients?

When you log in, the Payments page loads. All your clients’ transactions through Eljin are listed here. That’s it. Your client will now appear in the list on your agency’s Clients page (status: In-Progress). Payers will be able to select that performer for payment. Your client will receive a one-time notification that he or she has been added to your […]

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